I originally decided to participate in Het Weekend because of the positive feedback I had received from colleages that had attended in the past. I was told that it was “life changing”! I was intrigued to understand more. Personally it was the first time I had attened a training that went right to the core. After, I decided that this was the perfect intervention for my Management Committee to create a highly functioning team with mutual trust, and overall a better working environment…I was not disappointed!

Het Weekend has helped me to find a better path in my life. I have developed greater self awareness and it has encouraged me to focus on what is important to me, and not only others around me. From this, I have made courageous and life-changing decisions both personally and professionally. For my Management Committe it has been one of the most valuable trainings they have attended both from a personal and professional perspective. Personally, they all took away from it a greater understanding of who they are. Professionally, together we have been on a journey that has created a work environment of respect, trust and caring. And although the team has changed over time, these feelings remain within the organisation, as it has helped to build a cultural shift of positive change.

Personally, I finally have found the way to find deep inner peace and happiness, and great tools to use when I need to remind myself of how to get there! Professionally, Het Weekend has helped to bring together a dynamic, positive, supportive, fun and energetic Management Committee, which has lead the way for change. This feeling has cascaded to the rest of the teams within the organisation.